viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

I like much toe at round maize loaf, egg, cheese, bread, paste, lentils, fruits like: the coconut, grape, melon, banana among others.
I like much to take water, orange juice, lemon and melon.

Which foods are good for you?
The fruits.
Bad for you?
The fried food.

Which foods do you eat?
Bread, cheese, milk, eggs, chicken, soup and others.

Which foods don´t you eat?
Ground meat, sauce of tomato, onion.

Do you have a healthy diet?
If because as balanced and eaten it heals, volume much water and like fruits.

Solsire is: Patricia, patient.
Luisana is: Carmen, secretary.
Elivia is: Mary, doctor

Patricia: Hi good morning.
Carmen: Good morning, what can I help you?
Patricia: I have an appointment with doctor Mary?
Carmen: Wait for a moment, doctor Mary here is The patient Patricia.
Mary: Tell her to come in.
Carmen: You can come in.
Mary: Good morning, how do you feel?
Patricia: Very badly, I have had a very strong headache.
Mary: Ok calm, down I will you some aills to your headache.

Composition: Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!
What a great weekend! On Friday, I invited some cousins to my house. I prepared some sweets , we ate and shared. Then they left and I cleaned up the house.
On Saturday, I woke up early to make my activities of the university, then cooked chicken. In the night I was reading some interesting books.
I studied on Sunday morning. In the afternoon cleaned up the house, then I exercised and in the night I was sharing with the family.

My Talent:
I have a special talent, I like to sing and I sing very pretty. My old friends of the school they request whenever I sings for them and other people who have listened to me to sing they have said that I have a very pretty voice.

My name is Elivia Andrade; I was born the 14 of September of year 1989.
I have 17 years of age, I am the youngest of three sisters, and my elder sister Is Katherine and the second Claudine. My Mom is Elivia equal I´m. she is important and best in my life. My basic scholastic studies made in the School “San Antonio”. I am a student of pre-school education in the University Rafael Belloso Chacín. I have musical studies, when I was a girl studied in the conservatory of music and I was in the symphonic infantile orchestra of Maracaibo, I was touching an instrument of string called violoncello. I am charmed with the music and I have musical skill great.

Jacquelyn Davette Velasquez (Jaci) was born in October 15th, 1979 in Houston, TX USA. She began singing almost when she started to pronounce her first words, and in public with when began to walk. At 23-years old, Jaci Velasquez is one of the world's most successful and beloved pop/ballad singers. For proof, look no further than her two Latin Grammy nominations, three Grammy Nominations, five Latin Billboard Award nominations, six Dove Awards and her win for Female Pop Album of the Year at the Latin Billboard Awards.
She has sold over four million albums, garnered three RIAA certified Platinum recordings, sixteen #1 radio hits and more than 50 magazine covers.
Velasquez began her career at 14, singing with her family in Houston. With her first Spanish-Language album "Llegar a Ti" and her record-breaking "Heavenly Place," Jaci, of Mexican, French and Spanish ancestry, surpassed the expectations of many, becoming a new and imposing presence in Latin pop and Christian music.
Recorded between Miami and Nashville, Velaquez's second Spanish album, "Mi Corazon," was released in May 2001. The album gathered some of the Latin music industry's most important record producers, including Rudy Perez, Desmond Child, Emilio Estefan Jr., and Alejandro Jan. Velasquez also released Christmas albums in Spanish and English in 2001 and the inspirational "Crystal Clear" in 2000.

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